How to write a reflective essay

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In the second year, from the point of view of the theory used in the performance of an essay or course work, as a rule, an enumeration of the main points of view regarding the chosen topic is distinguished. They may be any statement, argument or rule. It all depends on the specialty to which the student is studying. The research part does not necessarily have to be included in both types of educational work, but still it is desirable to have it both in the abstract and in the coursework. Some types of research, at the request of the author, can be replaced by their own illustrated materials. This in turn will show that the student can independently designate the subject in question. It will also indicate that the student can independently find the object of research in the text of the work and determine the tasks that are set before the work. The main purpose of the essay or course project in the second year is to conduct a small generalized analysis, on the basis of which you can come to a specific conclusion. The volume of student work in the second year, as a rule, does not exceed 15 20 pages.

Written by a student in the first or second year of study, in fact represents the transfer of someone else’s opinions, thoughts and reasoning. A student in his work has to convey the views of the author and his view on a particular issue. In the coursework work should be displayed, as the student himself relates to a particular issue. To put it another way, the term paper is a specific study on the topic being studied, and the abstract is more a presentation of the information already available. In carrying out the course project the student himself must decide on the methods and approaches that he will use to conduct scientific research. You can choose two ways of conducting research, the more simple way is to transfer only your opinion on the topic of coursework, and with a more complex version you can compare and compare your opinion on the study with other already known scientific phenomena. In order for a complex approach to not look ridiculous and contradictory, you need to choose your personal opinion for each specific statement, but you need to do it in such a way that it does not contradict the established facts.