How to write an informative essay

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What is the difference between fiction from commercial proposals, essay from business correspondence? The writing style? Yes, but not only. Today, we will look at a very relevant topic for people who are learning English. Your attention to the following information should be paid to students who soon intend to take the Unified State Exam a unified state exam (in the Ukrainian ZNO, the test is an independent test). Also, take note of the information collected by the Native English School team, is for people who want to take the TOEFL a test of knowledge of English as a foreign language.

Let’s take a look at the rules of writing an essay in English, define key phrases, and consider the sequence in which to put the text on paper. We are introduced to the rules of writing an essay at school. An essay is a prose essay of not very large volume and free composition. Diving into history, we note that the term “essay” was first introduced by Michel Montaigne in his “Experiments” as a special genre form in 1580. Today, the rules for writing an essay aresufficiently polished, and we can use some common phrases. To begin with, it should be understood that the essay does not apply to the informal style of writing. Do not use abbreviations I’m, don’t, it’s, can’t. Eliminate the use of brackets or exclamation marks we use them in informal writing styles. No need to begin a sentence with words like: Also, And, But this is typical of everyday speech.

Also, do not use the introductory words characteristic of spoken English Well, To put it mildly, In the long run Do not try to use only simple sentences, it is better to make one difficult with the right transition. Thinking over the plan of writing our work, let us designate the points of which it will consist: In the first paragraph, the use of 2 sentences would be sufficient, since the whole essay will be not small. Our goal is to identify a problem or appeal to the reader, urging him to pay attention to the problem. We can do this with the following phrases: This report will analyze This report will analyze; Many people argue that Many people argue that; It is often believed that It is often believed that; Let’s let’s start with the consideration of the facts. 

The second paragraph is the main part. Here we must write about our opinions and give him a reason. Several arguments can be made with the help of the phrases: The first thing we need to say is. Thecontinuation of the main part is considered to be the third paragraph, in which the opinions of the opponents should be described and examples should be given of their reasoning. In the fourth paragraph, we will refute the opinions of the opponents. This is not an easy task, you can recognize the relevance of the opposition opinion, and then bring in more weighty evidence and facts to support your point of view.